Инструкция для lexus is 200

инструкция для lexus is 200
The warning system is designed to help make pedestrians to be aware of the presence of hybrid or electric vehicles traveling at low speeds on city streets and automatically turns off above a certain speed. The dealer-accessory catalog includes a “performance exhaust” for those who’d like more auditory feedback when approaching redline. Front seat leg room is good with the seats set right back, but that leaves insufficient leg space for adults to be comfortable in the back. Behind the wheel Though the instrument panel is fairly cluttered, with six dials in a confined area, it doesn’t take too long to get used to it. Cruise control is included on automatic models only.

These adjustments obviously cut into fuel economy, but much of the pleasure of owning a car like this isn’t so much the extra performance it provides in all driving situations, but the knowledge that it’s there when you’re in the mood for it. Despite the not-so-sporty times, no amount of flogging by us journalist types during the drive could get the indicated fuel economy under 34 mpg. The 318i also gives the IS200 a real good go when it comes to comparing the handling of these two rear wheel drive machines. Mercifully, Lexus’s list of add-ons is short and direct compared with those of its European competition.

The controls are generally well laid out for easy use, though the handbrake has rather a long travel and may be a stretch for some drivers to reach. The 22 mpg we recorded with this Lexus is the same as we saw in the old IS250 AWD, despite the improved performance. Eco mode alters that formula to provide maximized fuel economy for gas-electric driving – slowing cabin cooling, limiting throttle and accelerating battery charging. Comfort & space The IS200 is not a big car and understandably, interior space is limited. There’s a magnum load of options that can push the $29,120 starting price beyond $40,000: LED headlamps with washers; rain-sensing wipers; dynamic cruise control; backup camera; and a navigation system that uses a mouse-like controller. Dress-up items include three separate body kits that range from mild (the Executive), to sporty (the Touring), to wild (the Legana), plus a Carbon-Fibre kit with a carbon-fibre steering wheel and exterior mirror covers.

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