Инструкция crfxfnm yn 465 ii

инструкция crfxfnm yn 465 ii
Other improvements include shorter recycle time, optional partial output levels, a more silent operation, and a better location for the optical slave sensor. The transition zone is also not very smooth, and the extreme borders get especially dark. Also, if you want to have off-camera flash inside cars or behind furniture, radio is your best option. All the systems in these groups let you use original flash units that support i-TTL (Nikon) or E-TTL II (Canon) as remote units, including units such as Nikon Speedlight SB-400 and Canon Speedlite 270EX that does not support the manufacturer’s own wireless protocol. Real World Guide Number: 27 – Guide Number Table The calculated guide number is obtained by adding exactly 1 f-stop to the flash meter test results.

Adjustment There is 270 degrees swivel plus 90 degrees upwards tilt, and negative tilting goes down to -10 degrees. Все наши рекомендации можно найти здесь: Cпособы синхронизации внешней вспышки мы описали в статье: как управлять вспышкой. Here’s what you can expect with a Nikon or Canon body and radio receiver connected to the YN560 foot. Nikon SB-80DX AF Speedlight 14m (at 18mm) / 50m (at 85mm) at ISO100 Screwlock PC 14 — 105mm 1/1 — 1/128 TTL yes yes 3sec yes Built in wide flash adapter and bounce card. Jump to the TTL performance review section for detail information about flash performance when mounted on a DSLR. Manual Flash Mode M Manual mode photography is an extremely valuable feature and in some cases your best option for taking good looking photos. Sign up to email updates, like Speedlights on Facebook, or follow on twitter to be notified as soon as the in-depth review becomes available.

With a short press it turns the sound monitor on and off – a great feature as said already above! Все органы управления сосредоточены сзади: Индикаторы M, S1, S2 показывают светящимся диодом выбранный режим. M — синхронизация через горячий башмак, S1, S2 — slave-режим с фотосинхронизацией по первому или второму импульсу. The YN-460 II features an overheating protection feature too (which is undocumented in the instruction manual). The chances that you’ll run into problems are low, but I’ve seen it during one of the extended testing sessions so it is confirmed to be there on the test unit. The Yongnuo sends out the pre-flash too but the symbol only flashes up for a fraction of a second and then disappears again.

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