Инструкция к мультимедийной системе тойота версо 2013

инструкция к мультимедийной системе тойота версо 2013
Our car has got this practical touch because, as in all models featuring the optional panoramic roof, there’s a tyre repair kit instead of a space-saver spare wheel. Доплатив еще 101 000 рублей, получаем уже полноприводную «Вензу» с камерой заднего вида. Жму на кнопку пятой двери, замок размыкается, но сама дверь – ни с места. The Auris’ interior is arguably one of its best features and is finished to a high standard with solid, quality materials and a pleasantly practical mix of usability, looks and comfort.

There’s still room for a fifth passenger to squeeze in with the kids in the second row, yet it’s tight and there’s no telling how much crayon and chocolate they’ll get covered in. But how does the Verso stack up against its rivals? Now that pushchairs have become an ever-present companion on family outings, we’ve started to make more use of the storage space under the Verso’s boot floor, which can easily fit a couple of shopping bags.

Sed non mauris vitae erat consequat auctor eu in elit. All engines produce between 125 and 150bhp which is fairly typical for the Verso’s class of car. Впрочем, наших покупателей возможные недостатки машины вряд ли остановят.

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