Принтер gt-381 инструкция

принтер gt-381 инструкция
Page 22: Under The Platen 2. Identifying Your Printer’s Parts 2-6. Under the Platen 0049Y Name Description Platen Fixing Lever Fixes the Platen. Page 56 4. Printing Directly from Applications Illustrator CS2/CS3/CS4/CS5: Make sure the following settings. Save as another PNG file with [ File ] > [ Save as … ]. Transparent info is ignored and the image is indicated as shown in the left. The average customer is being trained to believe 1-off custom apparel is as easy to produce as it is to order online, and these customers are the bulk of new business.

Стоимость доставки можно рассчитать введя данные по вашему грузу в калькулятор стоимости на сайте одного из наших партнеров, или связавшись с этими компаниями по телефону. Confirm the inside of the Maintenance Unit and modify the parts (cleaning, exchanging parts). GT-3 Series… Page 91: Firmware Update FIRMWARE WHILE UPDATING. If the power is off while updating, go to the step “3-2-3” in the next page and follow the steps. Check the print data by the preview by using «Brother GT-3 FileOutput». GT-3 is an RGB printer. Check the left top menu: it changes [default settings] to [ Custom (Current settings not saved)]. Page 43 4. Printing Directly from Applications CorelDRAW X5: Select the menu as shown in the below and click OK. Default color settings Color Profiles: RGB: sRGB IEC61966-2.1 CMYK: U.S. Web. Clean the Encoder Strip with the attached tool. (1) Prepare the Encoder Cleaner and ethanol of 95% or higher purity. (2) Select [ Maintenance ] of the menu and press OK Button.

Turn ON the GT-3 with your PC and GT-3 are connected with USB 2.0 cable. The GT-3 Printer does not have Letter or A4 paper size. CorelDRAW 10/11/12 CorelDRAW X3/X4: Select RGB radio button.

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