Toyota platz 1999 инструкция

toyota platz 1999 инструкция
The bold look is designed to create emotion and the stylist candidly says that although he wants people to love it, even if they hate it that’s better than being indifferent. Hatchback, coupe, and sedan body variants were offered. It is fun, economical, well built and good value for money. Данное руководство посвящено автомобилям Toyota Vitz/Platz, сошедшим с конвейера в 1999-2005 годах. Even after clocking up 75,000 km in short time our reader from the NSW south coast hasn’t had to replace brakes.

Это машина, которую может себе позволить каждый второй житель в нашей стране. Скажу честно — выбирал из марок Toyota . На другие марки конечно тоже посматривал, но только что бы составить объективное мнение. The Echo is very much a global product for Toyota and is sold in a number of markets under different names. One area where the Echo does score well above average is fuel consumption. Add to that a CD player and a couple more speakers and you have the standard features of the five-door. The base Echo is the three-door hatchback powered by a 1.3 litre engine, followed by the five-door hatch (also with the 1.3 litre engine) and the four-door sedan with a 1.5 litre engine.

Personally I have no problem with the hatchback styling, but I wonder how well the sedan, which was designed in Japan for the American market, will be embraced by Australian buyers. You have to hand it to Toyota, when it sets out to do something it usually does it well. In the case of the Echo, though, it’s probably a case of doing it too well. Toyota, the car maker that has to be involved in every market segment going, had a crack with a couple of models, but barely landed a punch on the segment stars from Seoul. Generally look for dings and dents along the body sides, and corners of the bumpers, which might indicate a careless or uncaring owner. Power steering is standard only on the sedans so Echo hatchback buyers will need to spend another $800 to get this desirable item.

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