Лего combat zones инструкция 816

лего combat zones инструкция 816
This was partially due to multiple access panels in strategic locations.[3] The 20 mm GPU-2/A and AMD 30 mm cannon pods were tested with favorable results on the A-37B,[4] but reports indicate that such pods were either seldom or never used in operation. Better avionics for battlefield communications, navigation, and targeting. Box Contains 1 x 52 Model Building Set. This was an unusual fit for USAF aircraft, which traditionally are configured for boom refueling.

These changes meant a drastic increase in aircraft weight and the aircraft now had to carry a significant payload as well. Лыжная прогулка — Ausini 24808 рекомендуется детям старше 6 лет. For most missions, the aircraft also carried two additional external fuel tanks on the inner stores pylons. Post-Vietnam era[edit] A total of 577 A-37Bs were built, with 254 delivered to the South Vietnamese Air Force. At war’s end, the A-37 had flown over 160,000 combat sorties with only 22 USAF losses. The second prototype had four stores pylons under each wing, rather than three, and the first prototype was upgraded to this configuration as well. This aircraft, one of two YAT-37Ds, was retired to the museum in December 1964. In August 1966 it was recalled to active service for final testing of the A-37 design.

The weapon was fitted in the right side of the aircraft’s nose behind a large, convenient access panel. A gunsight and gun camera were also fitted. None were lost to enemy fire, although two were wrecked in landing accidents. Паруса выполнены из ткани с нанесенным рисунком.Количество деталей: 487 деталейРазмер упаковки: 48х31х6 см.

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