Инструкция на регистратор best dvr801

инструкция на регистратор best dvr801
There are at least 2 Chinese manufacturers of this camera and typically the hardware is based on the Ambarella A2S60 processor and the Omnivision OV2710 CMOS sensor. Onlangs publiceerde de Politie een bericht dat zij het gebruik van een dashcam toejuichen. But be careful, the cable has 2 layers of pins one above the other.

The blue light will come on but you can’t turn it off and it isn’t recording. Alle dashcams worden standaard geleverd met alle benodigdheden om de dashcam meteen te gebruiken. Hopefully these issues will be sorted out with an official firmware update by the manufacturer soon.That said, a majority of users appear to be satisfied with the product. Voor de politie De opnames van een dashcam worden ook door Politie en Justitie erkend als bruikbaar bewijsmateriaal. Note that most versions of this camera save the video files in TS format.

The manufacturers had created a MOV version of this camera but the firmware had issues in performing loop recording and was less stable. Provides MOV format and 12Mbps bit rate, no internal memory, no volume setting for the beep, missing Accelerometer speed data, corrupted .log files (RegistratorViewer is completely compatible with all Firmwares now). Copy both files to the camera. There are a couple of reasons for this — firstly one thing that shouldn’t be underestimated is the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). I may be perfectly happy to live with a big piece of electronics hanging from the windscreen — but it’s not completely down to me.

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