Термостат rittal sk 3110.000 инструкция

термостат rittal sk 3110.000 инструкция
The difference ∆x = x1 – x2 indicates how much condensa- tion is incurred per kg of air with complete dehumidification. Suitable for all enclosure cooling units and air/water heat exchangers. Trim frame for slimline cooling units Slimline cooling units can be internally or externally mounted on an enclosure door or wall. The leaktightness of the enclosure has a decisive effect on the quantity of condensation. Automatic potential equalisation German patent no. 198 01 720 For enclosures External dimensions Model No. TSHeight mm Depth mm Height mm Depth mm 1800 600 1797 562 8186.200 2000 600 1997 562 8106.200 Hinge for side panel The 180° opening angle allows unhindered access. Supply includes: Panel, temperature indicator and thermo- stat, identification strip.

Cooling water circuit available at installation site No Integrated louvres, air inlet/outlet grille Roof ventilation, fan-and-filter unit Air/air heat exchangers Yes Air/water heat exchanger Yes Cooling unit No TItarget < or = TUmax. For targeted air routing of the cold air in a downward direction. Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide! Particularly suitable for use in the food industry. The extension card is built into a 1 U plastic housing. A voltage supply of 24 V DC is needed.
For example, at a leakage rate of 5 m3/h, a permanent condensation volume of up to 80 ml/h may be incurred. Temperature- resistant to 100°C, self-extinguishing category F1 to DIN 53 438. Dust-laden air side: Open structure. The favourable aerodynamic arrangement of the air inlet and outlet openings in the inter- nal and external circuits ensures optimum air circulation inside the enclosure. Note: EMC version, see page 142. Accessories: Spare filter mats, see page 184. Fine filter mats, see page 184. Sealing frame for fan-and-filter units/ outlet filters, see above. Supply includes: Door operated switch including mounting accessories.

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