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Although the makeup, medications and surgeries help, it seems to me that the root of this problem is about changing thinking patterns. Anti-depressants do not work. I have been on these for 3 years now. Is anyone intrested in talking about this? If so I will submit my email for contact.Deirdre(deepete) — 22/04/2004 14:24i suffer from the same, however it has improved. I don’t think prescition drugs offer much help really. Since it is a pyscoligical condition, I went to a hypnothearpist, who cured me of blushing and now I have a matra which I use whenever I feel it coming on and it simply goes away. Children Psychosocial complications also affect children with hyperhidrosis and may lead to further complications. Have any of u tried it and if so what brands? Other cosmetic complications such as Horner’s syndrome (damage to the facial muscles which may cause drooping eyelids and other abnormalities) affects 12% of patients treated with endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy.

These are all clearly PHYSICAL triggers. If I was to give a presentation at work in a cold room with a fan pointed at me I would be absolutely fine. Excessive sweating may inhibit an individual’s social or occupational functioning. Any help would be gratefully accepted.Anonymous — 13/04/2005 18:07Hey, I’m a 22 year old male. The man with hyperhidrosis underwent an open sympathectomy some years ago and was very happy with the result.

But nothing works. I though it was something to do with the amount that I worry about things, like constantly thoughts going through my head about my life etc. but my life isn’t even that bad. Its not that i get embarressed but its the fact that i get embearrssed because i can feel the redness coming on which terrifies me. It has effected my work, my family and my social life and I’m sick of it, its got to stop. So what are the options? Maintenance therapy every 4–17 months is typically required. The setup sentence is key though and you may need to go over a few sentences that have emotional charge for you, until you hit upon the one that will free up the energy blockage. Thus in its «problem» form it is a combination of physiological and psychological factors. Topical antiperspirants with 20% aluminium salts may also be used to treat palmar hyperhidrosis, and may reduce sweating within 48 hours of the first application.

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