Инструкция к триммеру fse 60

инструкция к триммеру fse 60
Несмотря на мощный двигатель и высокую скорость скашивания, данные электрические триммеры для травы имеют минимальный рабочий шум и могут использоваться даже в спальных зонах в утренние и ночные часы. Spend more time trying to load the string than it takes to mow the lawn. Step 3Press and hold down the throttle trigger interlock, called the lockout lever on some models, and squeeze the throttle trigger. Step 6Pull the starter grip handle out slowly until you feel resistance, then give it a sharp tug.

Get step-by-step instructions on replacing line in your STIHL trimmer head — right from the source. Then I had to reinstall the line on the spool. Continue cranking the engine with sharp pulls until it fires. Plenty of power.Contrary to other reviews, it is easy to switch between trimming and edging.

Stihl manufactures more than two dozen trimmer models, ranging from light-duty residential models to heavy-duty professional-grade trimmers. Your product may be a slightly older production model but the manual will still be appropriate for the relevant model number Please also read the appropriate safety manual for your STIHL or VIKING machine Instruction manuals for older machines may not be available online. Give the starter grip four more sharp pulls, then move the choke lever to the middle setting if applicable.

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