Инструкция к casio 5200

инструкция к casio 5200
You even can add reverb, vibrato, and other effects to the sampled sound. Select from a variety of musical The tone of the instrument you selected will sound. instrument sounds Your Digital Keyboard lets you select tones for a wide variety of musical instrument sounds, including violin, flute, orchestra, and more. Memory capacity is approximately 320KB, which is enough for up to 10 songs.

Safety Precautions Before trying to use the Digital Keyboard, be sure to read the separate “Safety Precautions”. GUÍA DEL USUARIO Guarde toda la información para futuras consultas. Inquiries Manuals are intended for use by customers who have purchase CASIO products. Page 34: Selecting The Song, Phrase And Part You Want To Practice Using Built-in Songs to Master Keyboard Play Press ) to move forward one phrase, Messages that Appear during Lessons to move back one phrase.

Page 35: Lesson 1, 2, And Using Built-in Songs to Master Keyboard Play Play notes on the keyboard in accordance with Lessons 1, 2, and 3 the instructions provided on the display and by Now it is time to start the lessons. Page 56: Saving Recorded Data On An External Device Recording Your Keyboard Play Press to cycle through the parts in the Saving Recorded Data on an sequence shown below. Manual Contents The contents of all manuals are subject to change without notice. Page 31 Playing Built-in Songs Pressing again returns to normal playback. The connecting cords should have a portable audio player or other equipment.

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