Инструкция по системе polyision

инструкция по системе polyision
Scroll to State Report, and then press Right on the remote control. Strong, consistent and enduring, it will neither scratch nor corrode. It refuses stains and is colorfast. As a result, cleaning is easier, maintenance is minimal and life cycle costs are dramatically reduced. Press the Laptop button on the LCD touch screen or the Input button on the remote control to switch input sources to the peripheral device. Using the remote control, press the following buttons quickly to access the projector service menu: Down, Up, Up, Left, Up. Scroll to Factory Reset, and then press Enter on the remote control. Flowchart 2: The ACP status light is off When the ACP status light is off, the ACP isn’t receiving power. CeramicSteel is one of the most durable surfaces available, combining the best qualities of porcelain and steel to create a surface that is unmatched in the industry.

See the diagram at the beginning of this document (see Details). To replace the power supply or the ACP, contact SMART Support (/contactsupport). To contact SMART Support, go to /contactsupport. Calibrating the cameras Calibrate the cameras to correct any deviation from the camera optimal position. Системы видеонаблюдения «Polyvision™» установлены: Более 100 представителей в России и Казахстане.

Тесты » | К списку рубрик | К списку авторов | К списку публикацийДобавить комментарий Автор: Компания: E-mail: Уведомлять о новых сообщениях в этой теме да нет Текст сообщения: Введите код:. The power supply provides power to the ACP, which then provides power to the interactive whiteboard and the appliance. Никаких других внешних особенностей нет.Рассмотрим основные возможности регистратора. Your interactive whiteboard system with appliance also includes a Ready light on the pen tray’s left side which indicates touch status. Extensive design services, such as programming, design development, inventory and application of inventory will not be discounted and will be invoiced on all projects, whether product is ordered or not.

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