Инструкция на гармин легенд 3,7

инструкция на гармин легенд 3,7
Then press and release the POWER. The unit will power up asking if you want to release all user data. Fix incorrect highlight index at unit field in ‘Area Calculation’ page after select reset in menu. The Emap The emap keypad arrangement looks similar to the keypad on other Garmin units except that it is below the screen area and, upon close inspection, there seems to be some keys missing.

The first time it is tapped it brings up the contrast form and the second and third taps control the backlight brightness. Now you will use the arrow keys to actually change the data. For this reason we usually add a leading 0 to the east/west distances to make them 7 digits long also. To avoid negative distances in the North/South direction in the southern hemisphere always add 10,000,000 meters to this measured negative distance.

Here is another example of the object oriented approach. If you have a destination highlighted on a list of waypoints or on the map screen then the GOTO command will automatically display this as the default choice. At the bottom of the screen is a submenu of other possible commands. ETrex Legend HCx software version 3.20 as of December 3, 2009 Download (2.05 MB) View installation instructions and system requirements Change History Changes made from version 3.10 to 3.20: Fix shutdown issue when press menu key at first power on with 100% backlight setting. The etrex units have set the alarm to 15 seconds while the emap and gps V automatically increases the alarm time based on the speed as shown in the table to the right. The eTrex Legend and Vista have been around for several years now and constitute one of Garmin’s larger sellers. Instead there is the much simpler to manipulate up/down key set. Most gps units do not have a compass and cannot show a compass heading when stopped but will hold the last setting received.

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