Ef 565d инструкция

ef 565d инструкция
These selection are: Some of these selections will display a menu of their own. You: C6H LkilLU The computer displays the empty music staves. Notice the number 3 over each of the groups of three notes in this measure. The measure is displayed and played, minus the zapped eighth note.

The first is line 1, the 2nd is line 2, and so on. When first powered up, VOICE #1 will already have 2 pro- gram steps: 1 DISPLAY 2 PLAY PHRASE 1 3 These, or any other previously entered program steps can be changed (edited) by using the Edit Keys. You can «erase — DELETE BACK S ‘ letters by pressing the BACK SPACE key once for each letter you want to delete. The only instruction in it is «PLAY PHRASE 2». You want to delet e that instruction.

Triplets are three notes played in the time it would normally take to play two of the notes. You: L G3EE3 The computer played PHRASE 1 and PHRASE 2 together. Refer to your operator manuals for further details. In this example, we assume you have a cassette. Each 1/2 step is equivalent to the pitch change from a note that is played natural, to the same note played sharp.

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