Av-pilot инструкция

av-pilot инструкция
These show the status of several important sub systems: Unused Undercarriage Wheel Brakes Air Brake Unused Warnings A vertical column of warning lamps is mounted to the right of the Up-Front Display. Intelligence Brief Descriptions of the aircraft and weapons you’re up against, and estimates of the numbers available to the enemy. Tanks, bunkers, and troops who have time to «dig in» are heavily protected, so only a direct or near direct hit will be effective. The latter will be highly vulnerable to air attack, but pilots should avoid overflying at low level the massive explosion which results from the destruction of the filled fuel tank. Laser Guided Bombs (LGBs) Like Maverick. LGBs are laser-homing weapons which require their target to be designated. Clicking on this screen shows the current state of fleet of eight AV-8B Harriers based on the ship. It will report on aircraft lost in action or accidents.

There are five different PTSs, each of which will take you through one main aspect of the operation of the AV-8B Harrier. Autopilot Pressing the A key will toggle the autopilot off or on. Submenu Clicking anywhere on the background of the Ground Force Waypoint window opens a menu offering the following functions: Navigation Waypoint Defines the currently selected waypoint as a navigation waypoint. This can be flooded to allow landing craft to enter and leave via a stern-mounted door which gives access to the sea. On Tarawa, the well is 286ft long and 78ft wide so can acommodate a wide range of landing craft.

Until recently Indonesian surface-to-air missile (SAM) defenses were restricted to small numbers of British and Swedish systems, but these have not been deployed in east Timor. The pilot of a tail-sitter was in a most uncomfortable position. The creation of a new operation follows a pre defined structure. Aboard Tarawa, technicians give the vessel’s AV-8B Harrier II fighters a final check over while armorers fit fuzes to bombs and missiles. In Tarawa and the other vessels of the task force, live ammunition is readied, and landing craft are prepared for action.

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