Инструкция на двигатель сузуки 50

инструкция на двигатель сузуки 50
Para enfatizar la información, el símbolo y las palabras ADVERTENCIA, PRECAUCIÓN y NOTA tienen un significado especial. This Kizashi spent a fair percentage of its career in California, in the care of our man Aaron Robinson, who became the car’s biggest booster. Study your owner’s manual and always inspect your Suzuki before riding. With the add-ons, the car ate on-ramps with a little more steering bite and a little less body roll. It also merged with traffic at a quicker pace, although that may have been 9/10ths perception. Только моторы моделей DT2.2, DF4,5,6 собираются отверточной сборкой, из произведенных в Японии готовых узлов и агрегатов, на новейшем сборочном заводе SUZUKI в Таиланде.

Cuando se instale un circlip nuevo, tenga cuidado de no abrirlo más de lo necesario para introducirlo en el eje. Unlike most (though not all) long-term test subjects, our Kizashi’s performance deteriorated slightly as 40,000 miles rolled over: 0 to 60 in 7.8 seconds, though the quarter-mile elapsed time was unchanged. Braking distances lengthened a bit—177 feet from 70 mph versus 172—and skidpad performance slipped from 0.86 g to a still-respectable 0.85. The only other major complaint had nothing to do with the car, at least not directly. There were other costs: our usual tire swaps—summer to winter to summer, $264—and $1715 of aftermarket hot rodding [see below]. But in terms of dependability and durability, the Kizashi stacked up very well indeed.

Además, antes de instalar las piezas nuevas, asegúrese de remover cualquier material sobrante de las superficies de contacto. * Nunca reutilice un circlip. Asegúrese de que la conexión quede bien ajustada. • Mantenga el acelerador completamente acelerado. • Presione el botón de arranque y haga girar el motor por unos pocos segundos. High marks for comfort (particularly the front buckets), high marks for the quality of its interior appointments, and pretty good marks for fuel economy—25 mpg average for the duration of the test and well above 30 mpg on some open-road stretches. Photo by TOYOTA 3. 1986 Chevrolet Sprint ER Combined MPG: 48 City MPG: 44 Highway MPG: 53 Cylinders: 3 Engine Size in Liters: 1 Transmission: Manual Similar Models: 1985, 1987-1988 This lightweight Chevrolet was a Sprint with additional features, such as a light indicating the ideal time to shift. Suzuki markets the Kizashi as a mid-size sedan, but it’s actually a large compact (according to SAE-based EPA measurements), almost exactly the same size as the Chevrolet Cruze and Volkswagen Jetta.

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