Инструкция для fly sky fs-t6

инструкция для fly sky fs-t6
Use the throttle trim up button to raise the throttle PWM value back up to 1000 in Betaflight Configurator. Binding and Configuring the Mode Switches Before you configure your Radio, you’ll need to bind your FlySky receiver to it. To do this, you’ll need to power up your quad with the bind plug inserted into the receiver. Next up I’ll be posting a review of the Tiny QX80, which is another one from the brushed series of micro FPV quadcopters. Again, the antennae are not replaceable.A8B – This RX has the right form factor, but has only 1 antenna without an extension. If you can mount the antenna into clean air this might be a good option for you. The large backlite LCD screen with large fonts is easy to read and the simplified menus will immediately put first-time programmers at ease.

Remove your props first and consider using a smoke stopper device if this is the first time you are powering your quadcopter on. Now we’ll need to train the FlySky RX to send a value lower than 1000 when the radio is turned off. Binding the A8B and Receivers with “Bind” Buttons The newer FlySky receivers with the bind buttons are a bit more finnicky to bind to the transmitter. I have only found one way to get it work. This is quite a huge number, especially if you’re coming from something like a Tiny Whoop (or Chiny Whoop, for that matter). The FPV camera isn’t the best (frankly, I prefer the FX798T over this) but doable. All values should center at 1500 except throttle, which should be set at 1000 when the stick is moved all the way down.

This means it is in bind mode. To bind your FS-i6 to it, power the TX up while holding the bind button. Channel 5 is often used as an arming switch to start your props rotating. There are currently two FlySky receivers on the market that support iBUS: FS-iA6B – If you are flying racing miniquads, this is the receiver you’ll want for now. You should test that your failsafe works. Go back to the receiver tab and turn off your radio.

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