Samsung galaxy legend sch-i200 инструкция

samsung galaxy legend sch-i200 инструкция
Messages you send and receive to the same contact, number – or address are grouped together as a “thread”, so you can Settings: Configure Messaging settings. Page 86: Maps, Media Hub, Memo Maps Media Hub Use Google Maps to find your current location, plus get Samsung Media Hub is your one stop for the hottest movie directions and other location-based information. and TV content. Your phone supports removable microSD™ or microSDHC™ memory cards of up to 32GB capacity, for storage of music, 2. With the gold contacts facing down, slide the memory pictures, and other files. Page 15: Charging The Battery Charging the Battery 1. Insert the USB cable into the USB/Accessory port.

Page 152: Responsible Listening Responsible Listening that are used. As a result, there is no single volume setting that is appropriate for everyone or for every combination of Caution! Gmail. Page 69 Refreshing Your Gmail Account Voicemail Syncing refreshes your phone with the account’s servers. For more Important! Do not take photos of people without their information about placing widgets on the Home screen, permission. While in airplane For more information about using Wi-Fi, see “Wi-Fi”… Page 102 Wi-Fi Settings Advanced Wi-Fi settings 1. From the Home screen, touch Apps Set up and manage wireless access points. Turning Mobile data On or Off devices. 1. Page 106: Mobile Networks Mobile networks Set options for network selection and data service. Page 74 Gallery 2. Using the display as a viewfinder, compose your picture by aiming the lens at the subject.

The Samsung Galaxy Stellar’s 3.2-megapixel camera takes good outdoor photos. Page 30 Signal Strength Roaming, Open: Current signal Download Successful: A file was downloaded strength, when the phone is roaming. During calls or media playback, press to adjust volume. Tip: A Calendar widget is available in Widgets. Page 95: Scanning And Connecting To A Wi-fi Network, Adding A Wi-fi Network Manually Scanning and Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network Adding a Wi-Fi Network Manually 1. From the Home screen, touch Apps When you turn on Wi-Fi, your phone searches for available Wi-Fi connections, then displays them.

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