Final cut pro 10.0 инструкция

final cut pro 10.0 инструкция
Apple Mac (2011+) OS X 10.10 «Yosemite» and later Requires graphics card sold by Apple supporting OpenCL 1.2 . For a list of OpenCL 1.2 cards click here. The audio waveforms are exactly the same in each clip and the timecodes overlap with one clip starting 5 seconds later than the other. I also used a random video clip. I imported these clips into FCP X and performed some synchronize tests. The FCP X Help manual goes on to say: «Sync audio and video automatically. Experiment. I’ve found a ton of cool tricks/functions using the scientific «I wonder what would happen if I did this?» method. FCP X isn’t perfect, but what NLE is?

The concept of ‘Sharing’ Final Cut Pro X (FCP-X from here on) calls rendering ‘Sharing’. If you want to export your finished timeline you will need to use the ‘Share’ options. That’s an entire article in itself, but here are the highlights… A- Keep audio attached and expanded. Вот и разработчики Apple не стали оригинальничать, разместив окна согласно многолетней привычке пользователей. The more detailed your Roles, the more precise your ability to interact with the Timeline will be.When you import a clip to X, video automatically gets assigned a «Video» Role, and any audio with the video (regardless of what it is) gets assigned a «Dialog» Role. Разумеется, это не рабочая станция, которую можно настроить на свой лад: добавить жёстких дисков (без них никак), нарастить объем оперативной памяти и т. д. Впрочем, для ознакомления с программой достаточно будет и ноутбука. А если подумать, то не только для ознакомления.

The thing is… doing that sucks. If you try to use X like 7 or Pr or MC… it will get ugly pretty quickly, which I think is why a lot of people give up on X at first. If you’re doing that, stop it! Browse the documentation, search for help topics, or click links to additional resources and information.Content Version: 702-001. Like I mentioned before, this doesn’t always work for white balancing.

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