Инструкция принтера л110

инструкция принтера л110
Converted LJFastraster, LJJetReady and Marvell printers to their unique PageSize IDs. They do not use PCL IDs. Set default HPMechOffset for old printers. Fixed defect (hp-setup -u process slightly confusing). Added some extra text. Added code in the installer to close hp-systray at end of install (closes hp-systray from 3.9.2+ only) Added a simple hotplug notifier for devices that require a plugin or have a optional plugin.

Applied several patches from Frederik Himpe from Mandriva. Fixed segmentation fault resulting from buffer overflow in compression.cpp HPIJS PPD files are now created with the CUPS DDK instead of the foomatic database. The new models.dat file replaces the .xml files. Added ESP Package Manager (EPM) support to the HPLIP Makefile.

Fix toolbox so that users can open the web interface to mDNS configured printers. Полный список поддерживаемых моделей принтеров можно посмотреть здесь. На данный момент программа работает в Windows 95/98/ME/2K2/XP как с LPT так и с USB принтерами. Consequently, there is no longer an /etc/init.d/hplip startup script, and no processes need be run at system startup time. 3. PC send fax requires dbus support and a running hp-systray to operate.

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