Конвертер из kunena в smf инструкция

конвертер из kunena в smf инструкция
You can easily change your database collation by making use of theAkeeba AdminTools.Note that you also have to make use of the Repair and Optimize function.After changing the database collation with Akeeba AdminTools, make sure you clean Joomla’s cache first to make the change effective. Some important points to note related to importing are: Repeating the import process will result in duplicated content, including attachments and avatars. Orphan topics incorrectly showed up in Latest Topics lists. Fatal Error: Call to undefined method ComNinjaHelperDefault::css() when site is in RTL mode on PHP 5.2.5 Posts style wrapping sometimes didn’t apply. Simple mode shows you all the information only in one tab.

Form labels no longer overlap the input element when the text overflows. Check Add user profiles to everyone and click on the Sync button. At this point Kunena should have created user profiles for all users and you can verify it by navigating to Kunena > Users. Private Messaging javascript were incompatible with MooTools 1.2.5 SEF router generated broken URLs for topics with 100 character long subjects. Low priority admin XSS vulnerability where managers+ could exploit the forum title field.

Fixes done in Usergroup tables to make the AEC Ninjaboard Micro Integration work again. Default avatars sometimes didn’t render if Gravatar were enabled. Profile edit form updated to look much nicer in darker templates. Hardened security in person controller in a SQL query that prevents duplicate screen names.

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