Фуруно модель 1623 инструкция

фуруно модель 1623 инструкция
Reduce the range (how) to 1/4 mile or less. Find a «target» that’s visible visually and make sure it’s visible on the radar. If not, turn the «Gain» knob or press the «Gain» control and the «+» side of the common turning bar until the object appears as a target on the radar. References Furuno: Operator’s Guide to Marine RadarU.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center: Navigation Rules, Rules 4, 5,6,7,8,9 and 19 Photo Credits. Place one probe of a multimeter on one post of the switch and the remaining probe on the other post of the switch and ensure the switch is viable; if so, call the tech. This radar is ideal for boats from 20-30 feet including center consoles, fishing boats and go-fast boats.Unit Dimensions 7.9″h x 7.9″w x 3.0″d(without bracket). Warranty: 2 years parts labor. Руководство по установке Инструкция FURUNO NAVpilot-500 PDF 862 Авторулевой.

Figure 4-3 illustrates the effect of an indirect echo. The gain is set automatically. If you have a problem where you have to adjust the gain yourself, either the knob has been turned (on purpose or accidentally) or there’s a problem with the unit. Depending on the radar and the power source for your boat, some circuits may be high-voltage, high-amperage circuits that can kill.

The 1715 also has an NMEA intreface to display position, course, speed and waypoint data. Items you will need Multimeter Tip Modern radar units run a diagnostic protocol when activated. Эхолот F3(F3L) выполняет непрерывное сканирование в пределах 120° сектора в поперечной плоскости с использованием 224 лучей. Length: 10 Meter List Price: $225.00Our Price: $199.99 258015 Furuno Radar Signal Cable Assembly For Furuno 1935 / 1945 Radar Systems Length: 20 Meter Brand: FurunoModel # : 000-140-436 Furuno 000-140-436 Signal Cable Assembly For Furuno 1935 / 1945 Radar systems.

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