Зингер 1913 г инструкция

зингер 1913 г инструкция
Now I know you are booking your flight as we speak but carrying back Singer 48k’s in hand luggage is going to make the plane fly crooked. Imprint: 1920 Pages: 2 Notes: Format: Trade catalogs Model represented: 55-3. Descriptive Notes: Description of machine no. 55-3, and electric motors available for it; Singer shop list. Договорная Киев, Шевченковский Сегодня 12:32 8 500 грн. Over the years, authorities have received tips as to the location of Hoffa’s remains, but his body has yet to be recovered.

Zigzagger[edit] Singer made an attachment similar to its buttonholer, and using a similar needle-clamp-powered locomotion, in order to confer some zigzagging ability on its straight-stitch machines. The belt is joined end-to-end with a clip to make a loop, and can be shortened and reclipped (using special «treadle belt pliers») as needed to keep proper tension. Very desirable antique Singer sewing machines will have some detail that attracts the collector. It may be the design, a unique color, certain stenciling, or any number of other factors.

Singer was an aggressive company and thought nothing of eliminating competition. In fact it specialised in it. Singer 221 and 222 Featherweight — One of the most sought after Singer machines is the 221 and 222 Featherweight, which are still popular with quilters, craftspeople, and seamstresses. Compare that to the Singer 17/27 or any Singer model of the same vintage, they appear daily. The «Blackside» — Only made during 1941 and 1947, the «Blackside» is a pre- and post-World War II model that lacks the chrome pieces usually found on Singer models. Box: Singer ; Folder 3 (about locations) Display Scanned Item: No images available (about image availability) Record Number: 21 Standard Company Name: Singer Manufacturing Company Company Name: Singer Manufacturing Company Title: Speed. / Your cleaning with this new ‘streamlined’ Singer. They attach to the machine’s pillar access port underneath the round cover, sharing its thumbscrew.

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