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инструкция по подключению jmk wf-1500
The earliest specimens of Saracen ceramic art are these tiles, the suc- cessors of the enamelled bricks of the ancients. The red on black, whole system of decoration in symbolism was abolished, and the new system of decoration to please the eye was introduced. About 1710, at Dresden, in Germany, the Asiatic secret of making true, or hard -paste porcelain was discovered, and thereafter came the glory of Dresden in the one kind, and of Sevres in both kinds, of porcelain.

Pos- sibly, were we as well acquainted with the early art of Mesopotamia, we should find it very much in advance of that of all other contemporary tribes. Paintings are frequently re- touched and corrected by artists, and the object is baked again and again. German potters who had either revived their own lost art, or received it afresh from Italy, diffused it through Northern Europe. For some years past, this vase has presented a remarkable appearance in the glass case in which it stands. It is completely covered by a growth of fine hair-like spinels, of a transparent crystallization over a fourth of an inch in length.

The paste is of fine clay, 83. Gi^co-FhemcianVase. (Ceanola ^ gkte . colored? with oooaBional sma]1 lumps of brick-red intermingled. The Phe- nicians, who had been surpassed by the Greeks as manufacturers, were still the commercial people of the East, and Phe- nician ships carried the Athenian pottery to all parts of the known world. Whence they derived some of their arts is not mere conjecture. The rapid survey which has been taken of the history of ancient pot- tery is but for the purpose of introducing the student to the more mod- ftfi ANCIENT POTTERY cm history. Enamelled pottery was also used for inlaying purposes in ornamental work. Камера легко крепится на торпеду или лобовое стекло. Её можно легко снимать с крепления и брать с собой, уходя из машины.Подробнее о камере и других интересных устройствах.

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