Pioneer vsx-c550 инструкция

pioneer vsx-c550 инструкция
Therefore you can avoid grounding problems and disturbances in video and analog audio channels. If you have both possibilities prefer the optical Toslink. Place the two surround speakers parallel to the listening position, slightly above ear level, and the subwoofer on the floor anywhere in the room. 3 Connect the speaker cables to the individual speakers, matching the black wire to the black terminal, and red to red. Tel: +852-2429-3118 Корпорация О энд Пи 2-3-12, Яэсу, Чуо-ку, г. Токио, 104-0028, ЯПОНИЯ “Pioneer” is a trademark of Pioneer Corporation, and is used under license.

Page 36 Unit 1033, 10/F, Star House, No 3, Salisbuly Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, Hong Kong. The Initial Setting menu will appear on the TV the first time the system is used; set the language and other video and audio settings, including Auto Sound Calibration (ASC) to recognize the distance between speakers. Page 12: Making Cable Connections Connecting your equipment • If the video signal does not appear on your TV, try adjusting Note Making cable connections the resolution settings on your component or display. By Darrin Meyer Samsung produces a wide array of home entertainment and electronics products, and among those are a line of surround-sound home theater systems with varying degrees of capabilities, features and options.

See the table below for the options available for each DRC (Dynamic Range Control) –3 to +3 DIMEN (Dimension) AUTO setting. Where do I find the type number on my product? For each of your audio/video devices, you have to enter a Device Code in the universal remote control. Page 9: Loading The Batteries Incorrect use of batteries may result in such hazards as SOURCE leakage and bursting. Page 10: Placing The Speakers Chapter Connecting your equipment Hints on the speaker placement Placing the speakers Where you put your speakers in the room has a big effect on the quality of the sound.

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