Стиральная машина miele profssional ws5425 инструкция

стиральная машина miele profssional ws5425 инструкция
Any changes to the standard machine version must be noted on a card left with the machine as a record for any subsequent servicing work. Vacuums, Coffee-Makers and Accessory orders over £ 15.00 also include free delivery, orders of less are charged at £ 5.00. See General Terms and Conditions in footer for additional details Quantity: Add to basketHome delivery available excluding Northern Ireland Find a dealer. For draining the water away with a de- livery head over 1 metre (and up to a max. The accessories required can be pur- chased from the Miele Spare Parts Dept. Water level: low No. Page 25: Additional Programmable Functions It is possible to have additional pro- grammable functions and / or programme sequence changes carried out by a Miele Service Dealer or Ser- vice Engineer. Page 13: Brief Instructions, Before Washing How to wash correctly Brief instructions Dark textiles often contain excess dye and should be washed separately sev- For brief instructions follows steps eral times before being included in a (A,B,C ,…). mixed load.

These agents can have a replaced by genuine Miele original corrosive effect on stainless steel. Ag- spare parts. Page 31: Problem Solving Guide Problem solving guide With the help of the following notes minor faults in the performance of the appli- ance, some of which may result from incorrect operation, can be put right without contacting the Service Department. Mehr erfahren Die neuen Tank-Spülmaschinen:Beste Reinigungsergebnisse bei kürzesten Laufzeiten! Page 32 If little or no water is taken in during the next programme, the water pressure may be too low. If it is ade- quate there may be a technical fault. In this case, call the Miele Ser- vice Dept. Failing to follow these instructions will result in coins or tokens being «swallowed». Page 16: After Washing How to wash correctly After washing K Turn the programme selector to r End. L Close the stopcocks. M Press the a door button. N Remove the laundry. WTV 406 is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 1. Price: £ 97.99** Includes delivery, connection and recycling for Freestanding Laundry, Dishwashing, and Refrigeration appliances.

Coin-box / time counter I If your machine is fitted with a The programme starts. The q indicator The drainage sys- Check whether light is flashing. Saznajte više…. „IMMER BESSER” Saznajte više o obećanju naše robne marke.

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