Инструкция по установке deep exploration

инструкция по установке deep exploration
Related Topics More Video Tutorial: There is a video available on the Paessler video tutorials page. Note: By default, PRTG uses this setting automatically for all SSH sensors, unless you define a different port number in the sensor settings. SSH Rights Elevation Define the rights with which you want to execute the command on the target system. После того, как все шаги созданы, они компонуются по листам все в том же Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite.

Creating an Auto-Discovery Group There are several ways to start auto-discovery: Select Devices | Add Auto-Discovery Group from the main menu. To start an automatic detection of devices and sensors in your network an assistant will appear, leading you through two steps. Enter a password for the Linux access via SSH and WBEM. Usually, you will use credentials with administrator privileges. Choose between: Windows authentication with impersonation : If you select this option, PRTG uses the Windows credentials as defined in the particular device settings for the database connection. You can also select and deselect all items by using the check box in the table head. PRTG will use the selected templates for auto-discovery on the current device. The California and Australia sites were used concurrently to pick up communications with Galileo.

Weekly : Perform auto-discovery for new devices and sensors every 7 days. Choose between: Class C base IP with start/end (IPv4) : Define an IPv4 class C address range. Therefore, data transmission rates from/to any and all spacecrafts and space probes are severely constrained due to the distances from Earth. Secret Key Enter your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Secret Key.

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