Cellular concrete or sand-lime brick - which building material has which properties?

Aerated concrete and sand-lime brick are made from the same starting materials. Their properties as a building material are completely different. Where the advantages of sand-lime brick and where the advantages of aerated concrete lie during construction are listed in the following article.

advantages of aerated concrete

  • very low weight, therefore easy handling kostengünst even as a cost-effective level
  • the small stone weight makes the construction lighter
  • best thermal insulation under all building materials, no additional building insulation required
  • monolithic construction prevents thermal bridges
  • large stone formats allow time and cost savings
  • disadvantages of aerated concrete

very poor sound insulation properties

  • lower strength than other building materials, but this disadvantage can be compensated by appropriate design
  • high water absorption capacity
  • advantages of sand-lime bricks

high strength

  • good sound insulation
  • low water absorption
  • disadvantages of sand-lime bricks

high weight due to high bulk density

  • very poor thermal insulation (exterior walls must be designed as a multi-part functional wall)
  • more complex processing due to high stone weight
  • possible wise static disadvantages due to heavy construction
  • cost efficiency in construction

Due to the simple processability of aerated concrete blocks, many parts can be realized in self-construction, resulting in further cost savings.

Mixed construction

The poor soundproofing often makes aerated concrete a less good choice for interior walls. The comparatively low strength may be disadvantageous in some parts of the building.

With appropriate planning of the building, the reduced strength can be compensated. There is no practicable solution for sound insulation.

There is also a controversy among experts in the mixed construction of aerated concrete and other materials. On the one hand, mixed construction is strongly discouraged, on the other hand, mixed construction is often recommended.

A blanket assessment makes little sense. The decisive factor is how the particular building is planned in detail. With appropriate planning of a house made of aerated concrete blocks but a mixed construction is also easily completely avoidable.

Tips & TricksAlso sand-lime brick is a cheap building material. Due to the constructive effort and the poor thermal insulation properties, it is only very little suitable for exterior walls.

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