Cleaning the built-in well pipe

In order to clean a well pipe, you must first of all work with high pressure. Deposits of sand and mud can usually be rinsed out, at least for the most part. If sintering, oozing or corrosion is present, environmentally friendly additives such as vinegar essence or lemon juice can be added to the tank of the high-pressure cleaner. Runde For the mechanical cleaning of the well pipes, round special brushes similar to glass brushes can be used. They are inserted into the well pipe and can be operated by hand or clamped in the drill chuck of a drill.

Another way to clean a mounted well pipe that is often not thought of is to re-wet the well. By the gravel pump or gravel box is collected and flocculated on the wells sole dirt picked up and transported out of the pipe. When cleaning a well pipe, always try to clean the well ring and filter gravel with as much as possible.

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