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Keeping your teeth healthy and treating possible defects and illnesses means going to the dentist of trust for regular care. In order for the dentist to be able to provide optimum care, however, other highly specialized specialists work alongside him for a beautiful and, above all, healthy smile. Especially the cooperation between dentist and dental technician is of increasing importance.

The findings and opportunities in dentistry and dental technology have increased significantly in recent years. In both professions specializations have emerged that require comprehensive training and enormous expertise. For optimal care, therefore, the cooperation of these "specialists" is of crucial importance. Which professional groups work hand in hand for your teeth are summarized here.

The dentist - physician, consultant, confidant

The dentist's profile has changed dramatically in recent years. The dentist "repairs" not only damaged teeth, he cares for the patient all around - with the help of new possibilities and methods. Much more space than before, the effective prevention (prophylaxis). The doctor advises the patient in detail about the optimal care and additional tooth preserving measures such as a professional tooth cleaning. Even when it comes to dentures, implants or a periodontitis treatment, doctor and patient together discuss the upcoming treatment.

The holistic view of the patient has long since taken the dentist's visit. In order to take account of the constant development of dentistry, the professional code obliges the dentist to continue his education after completing his studies. In addition, he can gain recognition as a specialist dentist in one or more areas, for example for orthodontics, implantology, prophylaxis or oral surgery (surgical interventions in the mouth) in a training lasting at least four years.

The master dental technician - the filigree craftsman

His workplace is the dental laboratory - equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment. The dental technician works on behalf of and according to the specifications of the dentist who has diagnosed the patient in question. Depending on the findings, the dental technician manufactures custom-fit crowns and bridges, inlays as well as fixed and removable dentures. More than ever before, modern dental technology allows dental technicians to meet the high expectations of patients for a perfect and almost invisible denture.

In addition to dental restorations, braces and aids such as crunchy splints are also produced in the laboratory - individually and with absolute precision, because only then can they fulfill their purpose in the mouth. The job therefore requires the highest level of patience, craftsmanship and a trained eye. Because despite all technical devices, modeling, milling, grinding, layering and polishing are still filigree manual work. In order to keep up with the development of new methods and materials, the dental technician has to continue his education. In addition to the two main professions of dentist and dental technician, a large number of assistants and helpers take care of the smooth treatment process:

Dental assistant (ZMF) - all-rounder in everyday practice

Today, the range of tasks of dental assistants (ZMF) is considerably more diverse than in the past. This already shows the new job title, which has replaced the old term "dental assistant". The ZMF carries out commercial and technical work and assists the dentist in the treatment. However, during their three years of training, they must acquire a thorough knowledge of both administration and hygiene, as well as basic medical knowledge.

After the vocational training, a wealth of further education is possible - according to the numerous different fields of activity in everyday practice. For example, the ZMF can train on the subjects of x-rays, laboratory work, prophylaxis or EDP and accounting and then take over the respective work in practice. Still relatively new is the special training for dental hygienists who may even make periodontal treatments. The Dental Specialist Administration (ZMV) specializes in the field of practice management - from the appointment to the billing with the health insurance companies.

The dental industry - partner for progress

The dental industry equips the dental practice and dental laboratory with all the equipment and tools necessary for modern dental treatment. Continuous research and development of new tools and materials help improve dental care. The focus is on the needs of the patient: the companies develop products and methods that enable dental treatment with minimal intervention and in a short time.

Especially in the field of aesthetic dentistry, there are great advances such as extremely thin materials for invisible veneers and all-ceramic restorations - after all, more and more people value beautiful and healthy teeth.

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