Yoghurt for sunburn - skin myths and what's up

"Chocolate makes pimples", "Without plaster heals wounds faster", "Yoghurt helps with sunburn", who does not know these folk wisdom, but what is really right? The prevention campaign for the skin of statutory health and accident insurance creates clarity.

"Chocolate makes pimples"

One thing is: chocolate tastes good! But that they cause pimples is wrong! A correlation between chocolate consumption and impure skin has not been scientifically proven. Pimples are caused by clogged skin pores and excess sebum production. Acne has nothing to do with improper nutrition. "For pimples, the hormone balance is more responsible, " says dr. Beatrix Grohn from the BKK Bundesverband. "However, unhealthy diets such as too much fat, sugar and alcohol, as well as too little vitamins and minerals, can negatively affect your skin's appearance, but that's just one factor influencing healthy skin." Therefore, the expert in the Prevention Campaign Skin advises not only a healthy diet, but also plenty of fresh air, sufficient sleep and the daily care of the skin for a fresh complexion. Stress, smoking and extensive sunbathing should be avoided.

"Without plaster, wounds heal faster"

Even this myth is not right. "There is no real acceleration of wound healing, either in the fresh air or under a plaster, " Dr. Grohn. "Wounds heal itself after a short time after emergence. The body's own defense and self-healing functions usually ensure a quick healing." For small wounds, a patch is not mandatory. However, wound dressings protect against external physical, chemical and mechanical influences. Often, wound dressings are antibacterially coated and thus prevent further infection of the wound. Larger wounds, or chronic, poorly healing wounds, close particularly well under special moist wound dressings. For a fast wound healing a strong immune system is a basic requirement. A vaccine against tetanus is also very advisable for the prevention of wound infections.

"Yoghurt helps with sunburn"

Of course yogurt can help against the pain for a short time by its cooling effect, but be careful! Yoghurt with sunburn - that can also be bad. The burned skin is very dehydrated and vulnerable to the sun. "Yoghurt does not contain any healing ingredients" Grohn. "On the contrary, the germs present in it can increase inflammation and even cause allergic reactions." Better: Use a brand and wound gel with a cooling effect and cell-renewing panthenol or, in light sunburns, a well-tolerated Aftersun product. Or even better: Avoid intensive sunshine and prevent with appropriate clothing and sunscreen so that no sunburn can occur.

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