Linoleum and living environment

Floor coverings have a very long-lasting effect on indoor and indoor living spaces. The living comfort that can be achieved through linoleum flooring and the impact that linoleum has on the health of your home can be found in this article.

Natural Product Benefits

Although linoleum is an industrially produced floor covering, it consists almost exclusively of pure natural materials and renewable raw materials. This makes linoleum a very pleasant floor covering without pollutant potential.

The naturalness, however, does not look like a floorboard. It is imperceptible to linoleum. Despite modern patterns and designs, it is visually indistinguishable from a plastic covering.

Run on the floor

Linoleum is tread-elastic and warm. This leads to a pleasant ride on the floor. Even in cooler rooms, the flooring still looks comparatively warm. This is a significant advantage compared to hard, cold floor coverings, such as tiles. Tr The tread elasticity, however, only comes into effect when the layer thickness is adequate, for example when a cork layer is applied under the linoleum.

The highly heat-insulating potential of the floor covering then clearly shows itself and can also improve the indoor climate once again. In combination with underfloor heating linoleum offers a very special feeling of warmth while running.

Pollutant load

A natural linoleum coating does not release pollutants into the room air. Beware, though, with coated linoleum.

Some manufacturers coat their linoleum with a plastic layer for better care. In many cases, the composition of this plastic coating is not specified exactly. There is then the danger that this coating contains pollutants.

In addition to the harmful plasticizers that are also contained in the PVC floor, solvents and other volatile substances can also escape from the plastic protective layer. This usually happens at room temperature.

Exposure to such fumes for a long time may result in damage to your health. Some substances are also suspected of causing cancer.

When buying, you should therefore always pay attention to purchase as uncoated or naturally coated linoleum (wax).

Hygienic effect

Linoleum inhibits the growth of bacteria. This also contributes to the improvement of hygiene in the living area. To a lesser extent, linoleum is also fungicidal, that is it inhibits fungal growth. As a result, linoleum as a floor covering also increases the health of the home.

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