Liquid roof waterproofing - that's what it's all about

Roofs, even flat roofs, do not necessarily have to be sealed with bituminous membranes - there are other options as well. One of them is liquid waterproofing for the roof. There are, however, some advantages and disadvantages to consider, also the product variety is very large here. You can read more about this, including prices and sources of supply here.

Liquid seals are sometimes an alternative

There are a great many products in the trade with very different performance features and from many different manufacturers.

Very often a fleece insert is recommended for sealing, which is inserted into the sealant, but this is not necessary for all sealing materials in the trade - and not necessary for all renovations.

Leakages on the roof - even on concrete roofs with cracks - can be remedied quite well and permanently with these materials, which are simply rolled, painted or airless sprayed.

A disadvantage of this sealing method is certainly the price: especially in connection with non-woven inserts, the space consumption of the most expensive products is so high that sometimes comes at very high costs.

Even in the case of cheap DIY products, prices are generally well above EUR 20 per square meter. For some special products, the prices for processing with nonwoven inserts can sometimes amount to up to EUR 100 per square meter.

Procedure for coating

  • Thorough cleaning of the roof
  • Edge and edge areas Brush application
  • Priming on the surface
  • Applying the liquid seal
  • After that often still color coating

Liquid roof seals from manufacturers / dealers on the Internet

  • At this manufacturer There are various liquid seals in the program
  • The manufacturer of the well-known product Kemperol
  • Also this manufacturer offers a complete sealing system made of liquid plastic

How it is cheaper

Prices are often very different - a Comparison between different products from different manufacturers is recommended in any case. Even cheap home improvement products are eligible.

Tips & TricksThere is a possibility of the roof seal and simultaneous insulation by certain PUR plastics, which are applied liquid. This can often be a sensible option.
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