Modern, noble and matter-of-fact: shiny black tiles

Abrasion resistance and scratches

Black shiny tiles are usually offered as glazed ceramic products. A crucial quality factor is the surface hardness and abrasion resistance of the glaze, as shiny black tiles are prone to visibly visible scratches.

In the area of ​​natural stone, for example, there are deep black granites or basalts, which are led by polishing to almost sparkling shine. The advantage over ceramic surfaces is with natural stone, which eliminates a regular polishing all possible scratches that arise in granite anyway only to a small extent.

Shiny black shades

The selection of glossy black tiles is more extensive than it seems at first glance. The surfaces may be evenly colored or mottled and slightly marbled.

Anthracite black is a lustrous metallic black that often resembles shale or hard coal in its color.

  • The categorization of the so-called RAL color scale distinguishes between black-brown, signal black, jet black, graphite black, tar black, black gray, black blue, black red, black olive and traffic black.
  • While the glossiness of ceramic surfaces is maintained by keeping them clean and the result of the "glaze" itself, surfaces of natural stone must be regularly polished.
  • Best abrasion class recommended

The price range for glossy tiles in black color is the same as for other colors. The cheapest deals start at around twenty euros per square meter and usually reach up to fifty euros. Special attention should be given to the abrasion class for glossy black tiles and, in case of doubt, for the slightly more expensive best abrasion class one.

Tips & TricksWhen using glossy black tiles, lighting is becoming increasingly important. Before you buy, you should use pattern tiles to check their optical behavior under different light sources, if possible.

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