Stove does not work anymore - what to do?

Electric stoves can sometimes have their quirks, and sometimes require repairs. What can be the cause, if a stove does not work at all, tells you this post.

Basic situation review

If a stove seems to be completely "dead", it's worth checking a few things first:

  • Are the fuses on the stove (in the fuse box) turned on?
  • Is the FI switch on?
  • Does any light still burn on the stove? Is the oven light burning?

With this information, a repair service can once again say more.

Possible causes

The electric cooker leaves a situation in which the stove no longer works and suggests that it may be a problem with the power supply. As a first step, the electrician will then measure once, whether electricity at the stove arrives, and if not, why. If you measure all phases, you can find out if the problem is with the stove or the power supply.

Another possibility that should be considered is a defect of the fuses in the stove (if any) and in particular a defect in the electronic fuse. Since the electronics regulate everything at a stove, the device is completely "dead" in case of damage to this fuse.

Problem after connection

If the stove has just been reconnected, you should definitely have the connection of the stove checked by an electrician. Connection errors should definitely be excluded. If it is certain that the connection is correct and the power supply is OK, it must be connected to the device. The manufacturer can rectify this twice, or replace the device.

Tips & TricksIf only the oven does not work, the problem is often that the clock is not set. This can happen even after a power failure, occasionally even after reconnecting a stove. If the time is reset, the oven will usually go back (if there is not another defect).
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