Trass lime mortar: the "finer" lime mortar

Unlike ordinary lime mortar, which consists only of hydraulic lime and sand, trass lime has a few other important properties and is therefore particularly suitable for some areas. Where you can prefer to use him, which properties he has, where to get him and what he usually costs you will learn in this post.

Trass lime mortar - special lime Tr Instead of ordinary lime, trass lime is used in trass lime mortar. This changes the product properties significantly. He has all the properties of ordinary lime mortar, that is, above all, low Ausblühneigung.

Other advantages


  • coarse-grained
  • stronger than ordinary lime mortar
  • better adherence to stones, especially to natural stones
  • Trass-lime mortar is therefore - with some special aggregates - an optimal choice when it comes to building or grouting natural stone. The highly hydraulic Trasskalk binds better to the stones and thus also provides for a better strength of the masonry.

The pressure load mainly depends on the product and possible aggregates - Trass lime mortar can also be divided into different use groups. Also Trasskalk as an additive to ordinary lime mortar is usually possible.

In many cases, the term natural stone mortar simply sells ordinary trass lime mortar, often without additional aggregates. Information is always given here the mortar class and possibly the mortar group, both of which must be indicated. Der Also for the renovation of historic buildings the permeable Trasskalkmörtel is suitable - up to the renovation of old quarry stone masonry and the grouting of old stone walls.

In terms of price, trass lime mortar is slightly more expensive than ordinary lime mortar, certain additives for special product properties can increase the price even further - however, as a rule you can count on about 6 - 10 EUR per 30 kg bag.

sources of supply on the Internet Here, there are almost all building materials, usually at relatively low prices, from a single source. Also some products from the range Trasskalk- and natural stone mortar are here in the assortment. A specialist dealer, who mainly has mortar and plaster on offer, and also some Trasskalkmörtel leads.

  • A building materials trader who has mainly relied on plasters and mortar as well as the necessary accessories. Large assortment and many products of proven manufacturers.
  • How you can save costs
  • Always pay attention to the product properties and the class of mortar you need - in many cases, where even less pressure resistance is sufficient and there is no historical renovation, you can also handle lime mortar.

Tips & Tricks Mortar groups and mortar classes are a bit complicated at first glance - familiarizing yourself with them is definitely worthwhile - DIN regulates almost everything and helps to avoid mistakes.

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